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FAQs about Podcast Websites, the all-in-one WordPress service for podcasters.

Podcast Websites enables you to quickly take your podcast to launch, with complete WordPress podcast themes, integrated podcast hosting & download stats and total personal support from WordPress experts & podcasters.

But we know you have questions, here are some of the common ones.

Q: How much is Podcast Websites?

A: Only $97 per month, with no limits on storage, bandwidth or anything else. Compared to a "DIY" approach, this is fantastic value!

Q: Do I need Libsyn or similar?

A: No. Podcast Websites includes podcast media hosting & download statistics for an additional $10 per month, again with no limits and no increasing costs.

Q: I already have a podcast and a website, but want to take advantage of Podcast Websites, can I move everything to you?

A: Of course! We have a number of migration options and we'd be delighted to explore the best one for you with a personal one-to-one.

Q: Is Podcast Websites everything I need to get my show into iTunes, Stitcher etc?

A: Absolutely! Plus you have 24/7 access to our personal support team to help launch your show and complete use of your video tutorial knowledgebase to help you with the finer details.

Q: Where does my podcast feed come from?

A: Although your podcast media hosting & statistics are integrated completely into your website, making Podcast Websites the easiest system to use on for podcasters, your podcast feed runs autonomously and with fallbacks in place, ensuring that your podcast is in the safest of hands.

With everything managed from the dashboard of your website, but complete technical independence from your website performance, your podcast feed will always be live in iTunes, Stitcher et al.

Q: Do I need anything else to launch my podcast?

A: No. Once you have recorded your shows and finalised your audio file, Podcast Websites will do the rest.

If you would like to add other tools to help your podcasting process, there are a range of discounts waiting for you as part of your membership!

Here to help...

We help these podcasters every day.

“The personal support is unbelievable!"

"It’s so great knowing that I can be at a conference and have a team of people who understand my needs & the podcasting industry, supporting my podcast website. It’s like having my own design & development team!”

Richard Kligman

“Wow, podcasting is so easy now!"

"I am so THRILLED how easy this is. I've put in probably 20 hours total on my site and it's ready to launch!

This system you created is outstanding. Thank you so much!"

Lauren Herrera

“Thank you, nothing is too much trouble!"

"Thank you! I admire how you are so personal.

You provide EXCELLENT customer service. I wanted you to know that I've noticed & am most grateful!”

Rhonda Erwin

Q: Why do I need Podcast Websites when I already know WordPress?

A: We LOVE WordPress and think of ourselves as a WordPress business as much as anything else. But we also love podcasting, and we take WordPress to the next level for you as a podcaster. Plus, with our in-built, 24/7 support, integrated media hosting and complete suite of podcasting tools, we make sure you don't pay for these services externally, which really saves you a ton of money both as a beginner and a seasoned podcaster.

Q: Can I learn with the Podcast Websites Academy if I'm not a member?

A: No. The Podcast Websites Academy is a free digital education programme that is exclusive to Podcast Websites members, via live education webinars and 'forever-available' replays within members' video tutorial knowledgebase.

Q: I'm a member but I haven't had chance to get my podcast off the ground yet, can I "pause" my account?

A: Sure! There are a few options in this scenario and we can talk you through each one individually when the need arises.


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