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11 Ways Girl Scout Cookies Will Make You a Better Podcaster

girl scout
You might have read this headline and thought "Is Podcast Websites really using click-bait?" Nope, I truly believe that there are a ton of things that podcasters can use that we teach in the Girl Scout Cookie program. For 100 years, Girl Scouts have been selling their delicious cookies to help raise funds but also…

9 Lessons That Any Podcaster Can Learn from the 2016 Podcast Websites Academy

podcast lessons
One of the best things about Podcast Websites is that we invest time into our members' podcast development. The Podcast Websites Academy is a division of Podcast Websites where our paid members get access to exclusive information to help them grow their podcasts. Each month we invite individuals from podcasting and marketing communities to share…

9 Podcasting Trends You Should Notice in 2017

2017 podcasting trends
Every year digital marketing experts try to determine trends to look for during the upcoming year. At Podcast Websites, we're no different. We've taken a look at some of the things that have emerged in 2016 and will continue to thrive in 2017. Taking a look at upcoming trends is an amazing way to start…

Member Spotlight: MaryLou Kayser from Play Your Position Podcast

MaryLou Kayser
MaryLou Kayser is taking the elements of American football and using it to produce a human interest podcast called Play Your Position. What is Play Your Position? Play Your Position is a human interest podcast that celebrates leadership, excellence, and mastery through interviews with individuals who show up as themselves in life and work and…

Member Spotlight: Melinda Hammond from Writer on the Road

Melinda Hammond (1)
Melinda Hammond is a teacher and a writer who wanted to share her expertise to inspire other people to write on the road. Now she's created the Writer on the Road podcast. What is Writer on the Road? Writer on the Road is for individuals who want to write their story in a world that…

Academy Session Preview: The Art of the Interview with Michael O’Neal

Every month we bring the best podcast experts into our Academy Sessions to help our Podcast Websites members grow and thrive in their podcast journeys. October's guest is no exception. For our October session, we're doing something we've never done before - we're opening the doors to our academy session and letting EVERYONE experience our…

Member Spotlight: Bree Noble from Female Entrepreneur Musician

Bree Nobel is helping independent female musicians create viable businesses with her podcast Female Entrepreneur Musician.  What is Female Entrepreneur Musician? This podcast helps musicians focus on the business side of their music careers. Bree talks about creating great music, connecting with audiences, and growing musicians' businesses. The show is 90% interviews with successful female…

Sponsorship Opportunity #4

Sponsorship Opportunity
A very popular real estate investment podcast is interested in sponsoring other podcasts that focus on the topic of money and wealth. This podcaster is currently advertising on another show and it is going very well! The idea is you promote with statements like "If you enjoy this show, check out X podcast by X"…

Sponsorship Opportunity #3

Sponsorship Opportunity

Are you a podcast with an audience of young moms and/or a Hispanic audience? If so, we have an advertiser for you! This company is a household cleaning product with new formulas that are now more safe for the environment.

Sponsorship Opportunity #2

Sponsorship Opportunity
If you are a show that focuses on vegan products, services or lifestyle, this advertiser has perfected the ultimate vegan product for intimacy - the vegan condom. Certified vegan and cruelty-free for over 20 years.  Advertiser is looking to start their campaign in January but again, wants to test the waters. Shows between 1K and…