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7 Mistakes That Podcasters Make on Their Websites & How to Fix Them

Every podcaster needs a website. Whether you believe this to be true, you can trust us – after all, we are Podcast Websites. We are the types of people who believe a strong website leads to strong relationships with your listeners and become that audio influencer in your niche. A strong website works FOR you to help achieve your goals.

Having been a website designer for a while, I have seen what I like to call “under the skirt” of hundreds of websites. SO many podcasters make the same mistakes, over and over again – easy to spot for someone like me, and never even considered for someone who hasn’t been building websites for the past 15 years.

Here’s our list of the biggest blunders we see over and over – and how to fix them.

MISTAKE #1: No Plan

Most people who are not web designers have no idea how to make a website plan, and why should you? You’ve been very busy collecting wisdom about the thing you’re doing a show about, which is perfectly understandable.

When beginning a website, always start with the end in mind, for 2 reasons.

Firstly, overwhelm sets in VERY quickly. Before you know it, you’ve rushed to get the website done and not REALLY thought out what you want your website for, or what it can do for you when properly planned out.

Second, it’s super important to consider not just what information you want the user to gain, but their experience on your site. The user experience is the difference between a good website and one that is working for you 24/7. You need to plan what actions you want your web reader to take. These are great things to consider.

  1. The primary call to action – in a best-case scenario, what do you want them to do?
  2. The secondary call to action – if you can’t get them to do 1, what is the next best thing you’d like to make sure your readers do?
  3. What’s their journey? What are the ways I’d like my readers to move through the site?

If you’ve not designed or planned a site before, these are probably questions you’ve never thought of. We are here to help! Our CEO, Mark Asquith has developed a free Trello board and takes you through the process of planning your website, using the perspective of your potential listener.

Before long you’ll make the most important tweaks you’ve never thought of, and you’ll have a clear direction as to where you want your site to take you.

We have a tool that can help! We’ve created a Trello board with fill-in-the-blank planning questions.

Get A FREE WEBSITE PLANNING TOOL in the Podcast Success Academy 

MISTAKE #2: The Naked About Page

Did you know that the about page is the second most visited page on most websites? If visitors can’t get what they want from the home page, that page is the very next place you look.

If this is the case, your next course of action is to optimize this page as much as possible. Yes, your about page should talk about you and your story, what’s brought you to the creation of the podcast.

But you can also maximize this space for achieving your goals as well. Itching to be a speaker? Talk here about past experiences and add some testimonials and maybe even sample video. Can’t wait to start consulting people? Weave a tale of your wisdom and work process and add in some words from happy customers.

The point of this page is to show why people should trust you, so tell them how you can HELP them, and why you’re the person for the job.

Also, don’t forget to have your lead magnet, whatever it is, at the bottom of this page so once people have read how amazing you are, they can ACT on those feelings. Testimony and social proof are key as well, to back up your claims.

You can promise your user great results, show others who have already had them, and then deliver them all on the same page!

MISTAKE #3: Your opt-ins and lead magnets simply aren’t good enough

While we’re on the subject of lead magnets, how exactly are you enticing people to join your email list?

“Get the next episode” isn’t really a big draw, since they can just subscribe for that. “Get our newsletter” – who wants that? Are YOU signing up for newsletters left and right? We are trying to get RID of our email newsletters.

Instead, offer them a special something-something.

This can vary depending on your show subject, but if all else fails, offering an ad-free version of your show, or a compilation of ALL the episodes in one subject could do the trick and applies to every podcast.

But what really works is a relevant, unique and easy-to-use resource that provides a quick-win for your listener, presented in a clear and benefit-driven way on a story-based landing page.

Make them WANT to join. Make them HAVE to join. You can do it.

Make sure you include everything they’re going to get from reading/downloading your offer, and WHY they need it. “This will do X so you can do Y and Z.” Irresistible!

Mark’s course in the Podcast Success Academy does a great job of showing you the difference between a boring, ineffective opt-in and a super-charged, persuasive one.

Take A Look At The Examples In Our Free ‘7 Podcaster Website Mistakes‘ Course Now

MISTAKE #4: Your Show Notes

The most common thing ever: the show note synopsis.

Have you ever purchased a book because the back of it seemed irresistible? Does it say “Huck and Finn get in a boat and float down the river” or does it say “these two scamps are exploring friendship in an unfriendly world?” (no idea if it really says that, just making an example.)

You need to use your show notes to ENTICE. CAPTIVATE. (heh)

Make sure your show notes have structure and enhance the audio content. A simple recap or guest bio, no formatting, no photo, isn’t going to keep your listeners on the page OR listening to the episode.

I like to write my show notes like either a paragraph trying to sell you a book or bullet points that sound like the cover of a magazine. “Learn the three reasons why Jessica won’t eat jelly beans ever again!” Truly, that information could not be more mundane but…why WON’T she??

You can also include some really nice features here, like links to resources mentioned in the episode, time stamping important parts of the conversation, a list of action steps – customize the show notes to suit your expertise and help get you further to your goals.

Take a look at how your show notes are currently phrased – and then grab the spices and get shaking!

MISTAKE #5: Lack of Credibility

This is not to say that you, yourself are not credible. But even if you have 20 years of experience in your field of expertise, the listener may not KNOW this.

Your website should highlight your accomplishments, places you’ve been featured and people who are better for having had known you.

Your home page and about page should really be selling YOU. How are you showing that you’re the one they should turn to for advice/entertainment/inspiration?

Use the classic “As Seen In” area to add logos where your words or you, yourself have been featured as an expert or speaker. Grab your iTunes reviews and use them for testimonials to show – being extra careful to grab the ones that speak to how your knowledge has made a difference in their lives.

(Did you know that if you host with Podcast Websites we have a tool that pulls them in for you? No more retyping from Apple Podcasts! We display them so you can cut and paste. Find out what other cool stuff we have by booking a call with James.)

You can also screenshot social comments, such as comments on any posts on Facebook, mentions on Twitter, anything that helps highlight you as the genius you really are. If someone has been talking about you, you should definitely show that off!

MISTAKE #6: You Don’t Look Ready For A Sponsor

This is a common one because we know that advertisers don’t always pitch podcasters, it often goes the other way. But what if you DID have a sponsor wander along in your direction? Do you have a sponsorship section?

Sponsors like to see things FAST. Having a sponsor section allows them to get the highlights they need without doing too much work.

Maybe you’ve never thought of building a partner page where you list prices and things you’re offering – and you can totally save that for the conversation you have with potential partners on the phone.

Maybe you didn’t feel ready and a little hesitant about being ‘open for business’ if you’re not sure exactly what that entails. But no one can knock on a door that doesn’t exist! Just build the door!

You can still highlight the demographics of your audience (see tutorials on how to get those in the Academy) so that sponsors can get an idea if your audience is THEIR target audience.

You could also build a page where you HIGHLIGHT your sponsors and supporters, so the people who are looking at least know it’s on the table for discussion.

Bottom line: make it easy for sponsors to work with you and make it look like you’re READY to work with THEM!

MISTAKE #7: Give People A Clear Place To Start

When someone lands on your website, is it 100% obvious as do what they’re supposed to DO when they get there?

Even though WE as podcasters know how to access a podcast (I’m assuming), many website users do NOT know how to listen.

If your website homepage is full of TA-DA! type of information, it’s possible that your readers will get overwhelmed and give up. So make it SUPER EASY to do what you want them to do.

Create a “start here” section, or illustrate right away what you want them to do and where. Use video tutorials if need be. If you have to lead them by the hand, so be it. Once you can teach them how to listen, you can encourage them to teach others.

Take a look at Mark’s completely free course entitled “7 Mistakes That Podcasters Make on Their Websites & How to Fix Them.” You’ll learn each mistake by seeing examples of both the wrong and right way to execute each one of the above and some simple actions you can take TODAY to make sure your website is one of your biggest assets.

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Podcast Websites also offers built-in templates that could help you overcome these mistakes easily and quickly. Have you had a look at our templates and system?

Book A Call With James and Take A Tour of Podcast Websites Today!

BONUS MISTAKE! Mistake #8 – Not Offering ALL The Choices

Take a quick peek at your website RIGHT NOW – do you tell people right away that they can subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and anywhere else your show is available? If not, take a moment and add those right now! You never know how or where people like to consume their audio content, so offering lots of choices is both thoughtful and smart. As an added benefit, having your podcast in mainstream audio services like Spotify, iHeart and Pandora also make you look credible and in-demand. Win-win-win!

Make it EASY to subscribe!

Ready to monetize your audience & become an audio influencer?

Podcasters all across the world are transforming from simply producing audio to becoming a monetised, influential brand with Podcast Websites. When you're ready to become an audio influencer in your niche, we're here for you.

Rachel Smith

Rachel is the Marketing Coordinator at Captivate, the podcast hosting platform. Rachel works closely with podcasters to ensure that the content that Captivate creates is genuinely helpful and easy to understand.

Ready to monetize your audience & become an audio influencer?

Podcasters all across the world are transforming from simply producing audio to becoming a monetised, influential brand with Podcast Websites. When you're ready to become an audio influencer in your niche, we're here for you.