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PowerPress Retired from Podcast Websites

In early 2015, when we decided to build our Podcast Websites platform, brand and service we made the decision to be the one-stop shop, all-in-one service for podcasters looking to build their audio brand online. Because of that, we also made the decision to become a fully fledged podcasting hosting platform with built-in media hosting,…

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Jessica Kupferman Joins Podcast Websites

Holy expert acquisition, Batman! It’s with immense pleasure that our great friend Jess Kupferman has joined the growing Podcast Websites team, yay! Jess is a long-time friend of myself, co-founders John Lee Dumas & Kieran McKeefery and Community Manager Ramona Rice, and as Podcast Websites continues to help shape the journey of indie podcasters to…

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Sponsorship Opportunity #4

A very popular real estate investment podcast is interested in sponsoring other podcasts that focus on the topic of money and wealth. This podcaster is currently advertising on another show and it is going very well! The idea is you promote with statements like “If you enjoy this show, check out X podcast by X”…

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Blogging, it’s back. Seriously.

WOW, what a year! Following a cheekily quiet launch at Podcast Movement in 2015, we’ve spent the last year listening to thousands of questions from our members and community, and have revamped the ENTIRE platform. Why? Simple. In 2015 we had an idea, and just like and good little startup we had to test that against what YOU, the…

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v0.7.1 Now Being Rolled Out

Hey there, A couple of weeks ago we upgraded you to v0.7 of Podcast Websites which brought with it the superb Foundation theme, the amazing Builder page designer and of course, podcast download statistics. Today… we have more. What’s new in v0.7.1? New Foundation theme: add an author box to your podcast episodes and blog…

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