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6 Better Ways To Showcase Your Guests On Your Podcast Website

Showcase Podcast Guests

Having an interview show is by far the most labor-intensive type of show for one reason: the guests. It’s always difficult to manage other people, but when you’re a podcaster creating content, managing more than one guest, let alone 4 per month, can sometimes feel like herding cats. As a result, the guest experience you’re…

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Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

This year, one of the things we are MOST thankful for is our ever-growing connection in the podcasting industry. We’ve had enormous fun getting to know our fellow podcasting service providers as well as podcasters and experts in the small business arena, people who without hesitation gave us a YES! when asked if they’d like…

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Why Some Podcasters Have Influence (And Some Do Not)

Here at Podcast Websites, we talk a lot about audio influence. I’d love to share with you where the phrase originated, at least within our brand. Early in 2018, our CEO Mark Asquith and I were at Podfest discussing my podcast ad agency (which I’ve since sold to True Native Media.) To be specific, we…

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DCPodfest Round Up!

Last weekend, November 9-10 in Arlington, Virginia the DCPodfest took place. This was my second year attending but the first year in a sponsor position. Let me just start by saying that the space itself was incredibly cool. Giant LED light halos hung from the ceiling and the walls were patterned with those cool 3D…

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The Giant Podcast Testimonial Gathering Guide

How To Get Podcast Testimonials Hopefully, by this time in your podcasting career, you have a few listeners and they’ve been kind enough to tell you that they enjoy your show. This is heartwarming and fulfilling – and 100% necessary to monetize any podcast. Podcast testimonials are social proof. Regardless of how large your podcast…

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The Complete Roadmap to Understanding Your Audience

How to Gather Your Podcast Listener Demographics Demographics are important for any podcaster who wants to monetize, especially with sponsors. Any advertiser will want to know WHO listens, and whether or not they’re interested in targeting that audience. Once gathered, the podcast listener demographic information can be used on your website, in a media kit,…

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